Good news! We have prepared a lot of materials to help you with a smooth start at our platform.

Reading and understanding everything does take some time. To help you get started we have selected the most important materials for you to study first.

Step 1 - Learn how to become a designer at KnowMore

How can I become a freelance PowerPoint designer for Knowmore?
What are the steps of becoming a PowerPoint designer for Knowmore?

Step 2 - Learn about basics of KnowMore design
Study all of our materials before applying! It will increase your chance of successfully passing the application process.

Everything about slide frames
Always get your alignment right!
The basic rules of icon use
Design KnowMore the Way
Project types + videos
Project Types - Light Brush-Up
Understanding Projects

When you are ready you can browse through the rest of our articles at our Help desk to prepare for success!

Also visit our YouTube channel where you can find many training videos that will speed up your learning and join us at our Facebook page where we post updates and training materials as well!
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