Once you pass the application test, first you will get an e-mail with the good news!
After this notification, when you log in, your view of KnowMore Platform will be different.

You will need to complete all of the following steps to move on in the process of becoming a freelance PowerPoint designer.

Fill your profile details
Set your notifications
Watch practice documents
Set up 2 factor authentication
Sign and upload our non-disclosure agreement
Link your verified PayPal account to our system
Watch the on-boarding video
Schedule your on-boarding call

Why is each step important?

Profile details are important so we know who you are
Notifications correctly filled tell us when you available to work so we only send you messages about projects in that time period
Practice documents will let you prepare even more for work on KnowMore Platform
2 factor authentication will keep your KnowMore profile safe
Signing the non-disclose so our clients may trust you with their confidential materials
Without a linked PayPal account we will not be able to pay you for your work
Watch the on-boarding video, it will answer most of your questions about working on KnowMore Platform
Schedule on-boarding call, so we can meet you and you can ask us your further questions directly

This step in the application process has a bit of administrative nature, but everything needs to be clarified so the remaining parts will go smoothly.
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