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Communication on Knowmore Platform

Communication is key!

Especially in a remote working environment! On projects admins communicate with you through via the chat interface in writing. It is important for admins to know if everything is going smoothly, and it is even more vital that they know if it is not.

Watch our video about communication with admins in here:

Best practices

Be present and get back to them as soon as possible when your admin writes you
If you are unsure of anything, ask questions!
Confirm with the admin your understanding of the task
Keep the admin posted about your progress.

What to do when?

Project timeline


Check in with the admin, that you are starting to work
Read and understand the instructions
Ask questions
Confirm with admin that you know what to do


Work on the project
Upload WIP files for the admin to review
Update the admin with your progress
Inform admin if you take a break and how long it will be


Upload final file for review well before the deadline
Be online to receive admin feedback
Be prepared to edit project according to admin’s feedback
Upload final file

Keep in mind the following Does and Don'ts

Do ask questions
Do confirm your understanding of the task
Do tell the admin about your progress Do send WIP files, even if you are not asked to
Do reach out to admins if you need urgent advice, help or review
Do be patient, if the admin takes some time to get back to you (they juggle 20-30 parallel projects!)
Do use the platform’s internal resources!

Don’t stay silent
Don’t upload your first final file too late
Don’t forget to tell the admin when you are away
Don’t assume, instead of confirming
Don’t disappear in the middle of a project

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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