Working on the Platform with the Admins requires a certain level of mutual professionalism.

In order to ensure we can enforce this we have a Process where we can Ban Designers from the Platform. This Ban can be indefinite or temporary depending on the Designers behavior.

If the misconduct is so inherently unprofessional the Designer may be Banned forever, but most Bans are Temporary.

In most cases you will be banned while being removed from a Task - The Admin will have the option to select if a Ban is required or not based on the reason of the removal, and the designer will receive a notification informing them of the Ban.

Here are the Options we have for Banning:

Warning - The Designer will receive a Warning of a Potential Ban. If the Designers receives 3 Warnings over a 30 day-period, the Designer will be banned for 3 days
Direct Ban - The Designer will be automatically banned for 3 days
Forever Ban - The Designer is banned Indefinitely for showing a high level of unprofessionalism

Here are some examples which may warrant a Warning or a Direct Ban:

Loss of Power
Loss of Internet
Repeated Sudden Injury / Illness
Being suddenly incapable of working on a task
Asking to Leave in the middle of the task
Asking to Leave a task without valid reason
Refusing to do edits at the end of a task
Not being present when a Booking File arrives
Bad Communication
No Communication with the admins for an amount of time that may put the task at risk
Cherry picking tasks (choosing which tasks are the preferred ones after applying to them, and then asking to be removed)
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