As for any other freelance online job, also working on the KnowMore platform requires access to a reliable source of power and the internet. We need to be able to rely on our designers´ work so we can deliver files to our clients on time. Many designers have reliable power and internet connection right in their homes. Unfortunately, some locations suffer from unpredictable power shortages and connected loss of internet. Read further to learn how can you prepare for these unexpected situations.

Power loss:
If you have been experiencing some power blackouts in your residence you should think about alternative ways of how to manage access to electrical power throughout the day whenever the blackout would happen while you are working.
We recommend obtaining a power generator for your computer that can solve this issue easily. Nowadays there are many affordable models to choose from. Just use Google search and many helpful articles will show up describing what could be the best generator for your computer and what criteria to consider when purchasing one.

Internet loss:
In case of internet loss, one of the easiest solutions is to use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. With the right data plan, you can use your phone’s data to connect up. This tactic really works but it is important that your phone is charged as a hotspot can drain your battery rather fast. So in case you suffer internet loss because of a power blackout, the power generator is needed for you to pull this off for a longer time.

Receiving a warning or temporary ban due to power or internet loss:
Please note that leaving a project due to unexpected loss of power or internet can lead to receiving a warning on our platform. 3 warnings within 30 days period lead to a temporary ban from the platform. You can read more about Warnings and Ban in this article.
This system is implemented because we expect our designers to manage a sustainable working environment so we can rely on their work.
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