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Bonuses on the platform​

We believe in rewarding good work on KnowMore Platform!​ ​

Not only by paying you, but also providing additional incentives to those who perform well on the platform.
Currently we have 4 different bonuses, learn more about them below!​


Short term bonus​
Multitask bonus​
Monthly bonus​
Pay raise bonus​

Short projects bonus​

You can unlock 50 USD for each 20 short projects completed in a given month
Short projects are defined as projects of less than 3 hours (24 USD) or (30 USD for level 5 specialist)
The bonus tracker automatically reset every month
You must maintain a rating of at least 8.7 in the given month to receive the bonus
The counter resets the last day of each month

Multitask bonus​

You can apply to and work on short small projects (less than 3 hours long) at the same time.​ ​
You need to be a Performing regular (Level 3) or higher to qualify for the multitask bonus​.
By working parallel on multiple projects you can manage your time more efficiently and earn more money​

Monthly bonus​

You can earn an extra 100 USD per month​ with this bonus.
This bonus rewards those specialists who consistently work many hours and consistently get high rating​s
You need to be a Senior specialist (Level 4) or higher to qualify for the monthly bonus​
You must complete a minimum of 75 hours in at least 25 projects with a minimum average of 9.5 rating in the given month to qualify​ for the reward
From the minimum 25 required for the bonus, 15 projects must be visual enhancements
The counter resets the last day of each month

Pay raise bonus​

Instead of 8 USD per hour, you could earn 10 USD per hour.
This is a bonus that rewards specialist who have been working with us for a long time and consistently complete high quality projects.
You need to be a Rockstar specialist (Level 5) to qualify for the monthly bonus​

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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