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To be able to work with our platform, you must have a PayPal account; this account needs to be personal and verified in order to receive payments, meaning you cannot use a friend or family member's account.

Why do we use PayPal?

We do not currently use any other payment service provider, such as Wise or Payoneer, as the reason we use PayPal is because it is one of the few service providers that request an identity verification and covers a vast array of countries. However, in the future, we want to find other solutions that better suit all the applicants.

How can I verify my account?

You need to verify your PayPal account within the PayPal system.
To do so, you need to connect a credit / debit card and a bank account to your PayPal ID.
Please refer to the PayPal customer service of your country if you require additional help.

Holding funds

All the payments are being processed within first 5 working days of the month, however PayPal can hold your funds for various reasons, being the security the main one.
“PayPal notes that the company puts payments on hold to help ensure that the platform is safe and secure for both buyers and sellers. Although the money belongs to you, PayPal will temporarily keep you from accessing it to make sure there's enough money in your account to resolve issues like chargebacks or disputes. Funds are released when the buyer confirms that they received the item they ordered in the condition that was advertised.”
If there’s any issues with your payments and you can’t solve them directly by contacting PayPal’s support centre, please reach out to us at

Transaction cost

The standard PayPal practice is that the transaction cost is paid by the freelancer. See the following link for more information regarding the fees. Keep in mind that you may need to localise it to your country.

Common issues with PayPal that can prevent you from receiving the payment:

Earning more than usual: you might have exceeded a certain payment limit, then PayPal needs to verify the transaction.
Verifying if the payment was legal: PayPal will put your payment on hold while they are verifying it.
Account settings: You might need to update the status of the service you have provided in your account, and ask us as well to confirm that we have received the service - After confirmation the payment should be released within 48 hours

In these cases, you will have to contact PayPal's customer service directly.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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