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Can a Designer be promoted to Admin?

Can Designer be promoted to Admin?

There is no connection between the Designer Freelance job and the Admin job. Promotion to become an admin is not part of a designers´ career journey.


All the admins have to pass a regular job application process which is quite different from the designers' application process.
Admins are hired in certain locations where our company has a presence. Currently, that is Portugal, Mexico and the Philippines. So you would need to be located in these countries or willing to relocate. As well we would need to have some available openings for the Admin job that you could apply to.
So it is not fully impossible, but the conditions above would need to be met.

What is a Designers´ career journey?

A designers´ career journey is based on career levels that a designer can earn through experience gained by working on projects and good ratings. Read more about career levels in this article.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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