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Designer Success Team

What does the Designer Success Team do?

Designer Success Team is a specifically dedicated team to our designers and their needs. Members of this team make sure that all the processes, from reviewing your application to receiving your monthly payment, work smoothly.

These are the main areas that the Designer Success Team takes care of:
Designers recruitment
Reviewing and evaluating designers´ Applications
Onboarding: onboarding materials and call that prepares you for the next stage in the application process - Test projects
Reviewing and evaluating designers´ Test projects
Final interviews
New designers tutoring: providing designers with support and feedback to ensure their success on the platform
Providing designers with general feedback and support upon request or whenever needed
Communication: responding to designers' queries, solving any designers´ issues, providing support and help in any situation
Creating educational and training materials for our designers
Providing designer with updates and information via newsletters and social media
Collecting and analyzing designers' feedback and needs to make sure our designers are happy working on the KnowMore platform

Meet the members of the Designer Success Team

Hello designer!
My name is Bárbara and I’m an Associate Recruitment Manager at KnowMore. I started working recently at KnowMore and I will oversee the onboarding calls, final interviews and providing online support to the designers.
Besides helping with the recruitment, I will also help reviewing the applications, alongside other admins/project managers.
I have a background in psychology and human resources, hence working with people has always been my passion. I’m very eager to help the designers whenever they might need it and to make sure they are satisfied while working with KnowMore.
I can’t wait to get to know the talented people that will help our platform grow and provide the best service to our clients.

Hello there!
My name is Emoke and I am a Senior Designer Success Manager at KnowMore Platform. I started working at the company in mid-2018 as a project manager (also known as admin). I started focusing on Designer Success at first on the side, and in 2019 it became my full-time responsibility. I am immensely proud to say that I was the first person in the company to fully focus on your experience on KnowMore Platform. I have been involved in all the different parts that Designer Success consists of, from communication to education, content creation to onboarding, application reviewing, and designer-admin mediation.
Currently, I have three primary focuses.
As KnowMore’s clientele is continuously growing, my first focus is to grow our Designer team with them. This means finding people to take our application test, and ensuring the tests are up-to-date and similar to actual projects.
I am involved in the recruitment of designers, handle communications on different platforms, and manage the designer application process from application tests to final interviews.
My third focus is to better understand the designer experience and life path via analytics. My aim is to make personal analytics for every designer, so we can help you become the best PowerPoint designer you can be!

Hello dear designer!
My name is Lucia and I am the Team Lead and part of the Designer Success team.
I work at KnowMore since 2018. At this point, I have delivered thousands of projects to our clients. I am as well managing our Project Managers (Admins) and I make sure they as well deliver high-quality presentations to our clients. Therefore, I have a lot of PowerPoint and KnowMore Design knowledge that can be valuable for our designers' skills. Based on that my main expertise is the following:
I am responsible for KnowMore´s training materials. You can for example meet with me while watching our Youtube training videos. I am often the person talking to you and explaining the topics that will help you to learn how we design on the KnowMore platform.
I am a tutor/guide to our designers and provide them with personalized feedback. Simply, I try to make sure you are successful at our platform! Therefore you will definitely hear from me after you successfully pass your final interview.

In case of any questions feel free to contact us at

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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