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I can't log into the platform

Sometimes designers have issues logging into the platform.

In most cases this is just a result of inattention. We always advise you to first check that you spelled your email address and your password correctly. Below are a few common mistakes

Is ALL CAPS on/off?
Is your keyboard language correctly set?
Did you add extra punctuation to your e-mail address or password? Periods, dashes etc.

If you checked everything and there were no mistakes when you input your sign in data, you can always reset your password.
Just go to this link and follow the instructions there:

Other times the issue is caused by the lack of the correct Google Authenticator code. Please refer to this article for help. Google Authenticator is not working

Finally, the least common, but the most frustrating one is when the Platform or one of the services we use to operate it fails. In such cases, we advise you to write to us directly at so we can alert our IT team and start resolving the situation immediately.

Updated on: 07/07/2022

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