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Optimal computer setup for productive work

Your computer setup can highly influence your productivity and therefore also your earning potential. Computer setup directly impacts the speed of your work and as well the quality of your files.
Here we offer our recommendations on how to easily create good working conditions for your space that will highly reward you later on.

1. Laptop / desktop computer

To be able to conduct the work majority of designers own laptop or desktop computer.
Laptops are easy to move around and you can find many affordable models of laptops that will suit your needs. Though laptops have one disadvantage - the laptop screen is usually not big enough to see all the details and proper alignments of the slide elements. But don´t get us wrong, working with a laptop can be still part of a great computer setup. We just recommend implementing the second screen - read point 2.
When working from desktop computer you need to have a separate PC monitor. Regular PC monitors are already bigger than laptop screens so you might be able to see a good amount of detail on your screen. Nonetheless, we recommend getting a second monitor for efficient work. Read why in point 2.

2. Second screen

All our admins work with 2 screens since this part of the setup is the most crucial.
While working on tasks in our platform you need to keep multiple files open such as:
Main input file
Working file - file where you work on slides and apply instructions to
Guideline file
Inspiration file
Admins feedback file after the WIP review
If you have only 1 laptop screen/ PC monitor you can´t compare the input file with your working file or other files at the same time by blowing up each file on each screen. This ability to compare files from one screen to another is the biggest productivity booster. It allows you to see the input file structure and content while you are working on the second screen. This comparison throughout the designing process makes it easier to create the correct structure, to not miss any part of the structure (boxes) and not miss any content from the input slide.
If you work on a laptop then we highly recommend opening your working file on the bigger second screen so you can see the alignments in detail there. As well make sure that you always check your slides in presentation mode on your big screen - this will give you an extra opportunity to spot all the small misalignments and inconsistencies.

3. Keyboard

This part depends on your preferences but you should have a keyboard that allows you to be fast in working on the tasks. One of the great tricks of how to speed up your work is to use keyboard shortcuts. Therefore make sure that you have a comfortable keyboard that allows you to work efficiently.
Here is the list of the keyboard shortcuts all of our admins use.

4. PC mouse

We highly recommend getting a proper PC mouse with a mouse pad to increase your productivity but also to protect your health. There are many different models available that offer more support for your hand and prevent future health issues with your wrist or fingers. Therefore working with a laptop´s touchpad is something we do not recommend.

Let´s talk money

All the things mentioned in this article carry initial financial investment. To make the burden on your wallet more bearable we recommend getting computer screens and other equipment second hand or trying to find more affordable brands. There are many great deals online these days if you search Facebook Marketplace, Amazon or any other local pages you might be aware of.
If you need to prioritize some part of the setup to get first we would advise purchasing the laptop and the second screen. As the next step try to get a good mouse and then a keyboard - assuming you work with a laptop as in the case of a desktop computer you will need a keyboard right away.

We are certain that this investment in your computer setup will be paid off to you very quickly through more earnings on your projects. Also due to a better ability to pay attention to small details on a bigger screen and with a comparison of files on 2 screens you have a much better chance of keeping your ratings constantly high.

Updated on: 13/04/2022

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