Keyboard shortcuts to help you work more efficiently

Once you are fully proficient, you almost won’t need to use the mouse in PowerPoint. Before trying to learn all the commands below all at once, select the commands you use most frequently and practice until you're proficient. When those have become second nature, you can add new commands to your arsenal.

Pros: This will not make your slides better, but it will increase your speed significantly.
Cons: There is a learning curve: it does take time to learn all commands, and you will be slower initially. It is an investment, like anything else.

Action and Shortcut Keys for Windows PC

Go to “Tell me what you want to do ”: Alt + Q
Switch between outline and thumbnail pane: Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Zoom: Alt + W, Q, Tab to value you want
Switch between outline and thumbnail pane: Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Move to next placeholder (if on slide’s last placeholder, this inserts a new slide): Ctrl + Enter
Insert a new slide: Ctrl + M
Duplicate the current side: Ctrl + D
Increase font size: Ctrl + Shift + >
Decrease font size: Ctrl + Shift + <
Display the font dialog box: Ctrl + T or Ctrl + Shift + F
Change case: Shift + F3
Apply superscript formatting: Ctrl + Equal sign
Apply subscript formatting: Ctrl + Shift + Plus sign
Remove manual character formatting: Ctrl + Spacebar
Center a paragraph: Ctrl + E
Justify a paragraph: Ctrl + J
Left align a paragraph: Ctrl + L
Right align a paragraph: Ctrl + R
Promote a paragraph in an outline: Alt + Shift + Left arrow
Demote a paragraph in an outline: Alt + Shift + Right arrow
Move selected outline paragraphs up: Alt + Shift + Up arrow
Show or hide the grid: Shift + F9
Show or hide the guides: Alt + F9
Group Items (with items selected): Ctrl + G
Ungroup: Ctrl + Shift + G
Copy formatting of selected shape: Ctrl + Shift + C
Paste formatting only to another shape: Ctrl + Shift + V
Insert hyperlink: Ctrl + K
Select to the end of a word: Ctrl + Shift + Right arrow
Select to the beginning of a word: Ctrl + Shift + Left arrow
Select all objects: Ctrl + A (on Slides tab)
Select all slides: Ctrl + A (in Slide Sorter view)
Select all text: Ctrl + A (on the Outline tab)
Delete one word to the left: Alt Gr + Backspace
Delete one word to the right: Alt Gr + Delete
Cut selected object or text: Ctrl + X
Copy selected object or text: Ctrl + C
Paste cut or copied object or text: Ctrl + V
Undo: Ctrl + Z
Redo: Ctrl + Y
Open Find dialog box: Ctrl + F
Spellcheck: F7
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