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SandBox - train with feedback from our admins without rating

Develop your PowerPoint design skills and get feedback without getting rated via the KnowMore design sandbox:

Please note that SandBox is only available for designers at Level 2 or higher. We will not review your slides if you have not passed the whole application process and are already active designer on our platform.

What is the Knowmore Design Sandbox?

A playground where you design and get feedback from the admin team

Where do I download the slides?

Download task 1
Download task 2
Download task 3

How do I submit my slides?

Send your fictional PowerPoint slides to with the Subject title: Sandbox. An admin will provide detailed feedback to your slides and return it via email.

What is the deadline?

There is no deadline, but the sooner you do it, the faster you learn

Will it impact my rating?

No. This is an opportunity for extra training

Is it mandatory?

No, but the best performing specialists on the platform have done training to get to the top

Do I have to do all 3 tasks at once?

No. You don't have to do all 3 at once. But the more tasks you do, the more training you get

Are the projects paid?

No, unfortunately not. We cannot charge a fictive client so you should see it as an investment in your development

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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