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Application test

What is the application test like?

The application test is the first step in becoming a KnowMore Platform designer. It has been carefully planned to screen designers with the best ability to succeed in working on live projects inside the platform. The application tests consist of an IQ test and a PowerPoint presentation design test. Both need to be completed before they can be reviewed. You decide when you will start the tests, we do not expect designers to complete them immediately. You do not need to finish both tests in one go, it is more than acceptable to take time to prepare and study between the IQ and the PowerPoint test.

Taking the test

Agree to Terms and Conditions

Before you take the test, you will be asked to confirm that you meet and accept the requirements of working on KnowMore Platform. Please make sure that you understand them fully before proceeding. If you cannot comply with the terms and conditions at a later phase for any reasons, we cannot make exceptions to let you continue in the KnowMore application process.

IQ test

The IQ test consists of questions where we test designers on their logic and comprehension skills. There is a limit of 5 minutes to answer questions. It is preferable to take time to understand and answer correctly, instead of rushing through to answer as many questions as possible.


After the IQ test, you can take a break before starting the application test. At this stage we have collected for you a series of videos you should study to prepare for the PowerPoint presentation test. These videos contain the most important things you should know to be able to pass the application test. You can of course spend more time studying all the educational materials we have available to be as ready as you can for the application test on the websites below.

PowerPoint test

After reading and viewing our study materials, if you feel you are ready to take the test, you can do so! You will have 3 hours to complete all parts of the test. We shall be looking at your design skills and comprehension of instructions and client content.


After you have uploaded your PowerPoint file, you will need to write some comments. Please take this part of the test just as seriously as the others. Your message, tone of language and capability to imagine what information is relevant in professional communication will be assessed.

Help during the test

We cannot help anyone to pass their test, please do not ask us to do so. The educational materials we provided should be enough to prepare you for the test. We are aware that some designers try to take the easy road and look up sources that claim to help them pass the test. We advise you to question if this is the right way to go. People who are not able to pass the application test by themselves have no chance to keep up with the tests in the later stages of application and not at all in real projects. We recommend to rather spend your effort on studying our training materials that can actually help you to pass.

If you are experiencing technical issues during the test, like upload problems, please reach out to us at We advise you to watch this video before doing so, so you can give us as much information as possible. How to make bug reports for KnowMore Platform

When will I find out how I did on the application test?

You will receive an e-mail once your application test has been evaluated. You can expect to wait around 1 to 2 weeks for your result. After logging in your view inside the platform will also change and you will see the feedback you were given.

Who will review my application test? What do you check?

Our team of project managers will review and give feedback on your application test. In general, the responsible project managers focus on the applicants' ability to:

Understand and follow instructions
Implement the given guidelines to perfection
Correctly understand the task to be done
Be creative within the limits of the given guidelines and content
Improve their design skills from one try to the next

What happens after you have passed the application test?

Once you pass the application test, you will get an e-mail with the good news!
After this notification, when you log in, your view of KnowMore Platform will be different.

You can read all about the next steps here:


Updated on: 23/11/2023

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