Can I try again if I failed?

The process to become a fully fledged KnowMore Platform specialist is quite long and difficult. We appreciation your persistence, however it is not possible to restart the process or retake specific parts of it to become a PowerPoint specialist on the platform.


If you reach a minimum standard, reviewers will allow you to try again. However if you fail, we will not reset your application
The standard for passing the test is very high. based on your initial attempt we do not feel that resetting the application would allow you to progress enough in another application attempt.

Test projects and final interview

During the application process, we observe at your design and technical skills, the behaviour and communication you exhibit during the two test projects and finally in the interview view logic, comprehension and abstraction skills. The decision to allow you to move into the Assessment phase is based on the combination of your results in all of these.

Assessment phase

In the assessment phase you need to continuously receive good ratings to be able to get new projects. Should you get a series of bad ratings, finding projects and getting allocated to them will less likely.

Tell me what I did wrong

Please understand that in order to be able to provide a long term sustainable business we cannot dedicate the required resources to give detailed and individual feedback to the many applicants who take our tests.

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