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Assessment phase

What is the assessment phase?

To ease you into working and designing PowerPoint slides for KnowMore Platform and our clients, your first 10 live projects belong to the Assessment phase. During these projects we still take into account that you are new on the platform and require more guidance from the admins. This is where you will truly experience what it is to work with us.

The assessment phase has the following restrictions to enhance your learning curve, you will only be able to apply for tasks with the following characteristics:

Duration: Less than 3 hours long
Deadline: Projects will have a longer deadline compared to average projects on the platform
Guidelines and inspiration: You will only work on projects that contain approved client guidelines and inspirational material, so you can see what your deliverable should look like

Once you have completed +10 projects you will get access to more kinds of projects, large ones, ones with shorter deadlines, etc. If you do well here, you will seamlessly progress forward and become a fully fledged KnowMore PowerPoint freelancer designer for us.

Updated on: 21/07/2022

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