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You start the onboarding process after your application test has been approved. If this is your case, congratulations!

Onboarding is the next step to becoming a designer at KnowMore Platform. To complete it you must follow these steps:

Setting up your profile: filling your personal information
Set up the 2-factor authentication: QR code, using google authenticator
Set your notifications in order to not miss any updates
Sign and upload our NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)
Link your PayPal profile account to our system, after it has been verified
After your PayPal and NDA have been approved, you can schedule your onboarding call; however, you can only do so if you have watched the onboarding video, as there will be a short quiz you will have to answer regarding it

Why is each step important?

Profile details are important so we know who you are; hence, you can only apply with your own personal data and PayPal account
The 2-factor authentication will help keep your KnowMore profile safe
You will need to have the notifications correctly filled for us to know when to send you messages about the projects available – this will prevent receiving unsolicited messages during periods where you don’t intend to work
After you have seen the onboarding video, you will know that confidentiality is very important to our clients; that’s why signing the NDA is an important step
Without the verified PayPal we won’t be able to pay you for the work you did
If you watch the onboarding video, not only you will be able to answer our verification questions, but you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about working in our Platform
The onboarding call is an important step because it will allow us to meet you and ask further questions directly. You will also be able to ask questions about the next steps.


When you are signing your NDA keep in mind this information, as this is the most common error in this step: At the bottom of the top line should be your signature, and the bottom line should be your full name (no abbreviations), in printed letters.

Example: John Michael Smith, not John M. S.

If there are any abbreviations, we will have to decline your NDA and request that you will fill it again. This makes the process longer than it must be, so please follow these guidelines.


We need to know the identity of our designers and PayPal demands an identity verification in order to be used. This is the main reason we use it and so far, it’s the only payment method we have available. Without a personal PayPal account, you cannot pass the onboarding stage, this means that you cannot use a friend or family member’s account.

If you want to know more, please check the PayPal article.

Onboarding call

The onboarding call is a short call where we will ask you a few questions, in order to get to know you and your experience. We will also explain the next steps in the application process and clarify any doubts you might have regarding it.

This step in the application process has a bit of administrative nature, but everything needs to be clarified so the remaining parts will go smoothly.

Updated on: 25/07/2022

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