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Become a "Talent" designer

Who becomes a Talent?​

The work of new designers is scrutinized quite a bit. Those who are exceptionally good to work with, whom we see potential in, we notice and we add to our talent list.​

Designers who have completed the Assessment phase, and have an average rating of 9 or more​ can become talents.

If you do not become talent right after assessment phase do not worry! You can become a talent at any point in your career. Our admins have possibility to nominate designers to become "talented" every time they rate designers´ projects. We keep track of all improvements and these nominations to make sure all hard work is noticed and all talented designers get marked as our talents.

What are the attributes of a Talent?​

Has good PowerPoint skills, and is willing to invest to learn more​
Communicates well in writing, and reaches out regularly to the admin during the course of a project​
Understands instructions and is not afraid to ask questions when unsure of task​
Invests time to understand the client content well to be able to create the best designs​
Dependable, does what they say they will, is available to the admins for contact​
Works independently, is proactive in coming up with their own solutions
Pushes to become better every day​

Talents have extra privileges​

Talents get notifications about new projects before non-talents. They have a 5 to 15-minute priority, depending on the project and their rating.​
Talents are given access to the multitask bonus even before reaching level 3, which means they can apply to and work on more than one project at a time. They will be able to use their time more efficiently.​

Can the Talent privilege be lost?

Yes, it can. We track our designer's progress and if we notice a decline in quality of work and ratings we may take the talent privilege away. By improving the performance it can be earned back.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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