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Good icon use is key to creating good slides that are easy to understand at first glance. They seem simple to use, but there are many small details that make getting them right complicated.

What does it mean if you got this tag as feedback from an admin?

You are using image files (jpeg, png, gif. etc.) instead of SVG format files
You are not consistently using the same icon style across the project (eg.: line thickness, level of detail, filled or line icon style, hard edges vs smooth corners etc.)
You are using icons that are not relevant to the content – this counts as a content mistake as well
You are not positioning icons correctly
ex.: They should be before text on the left, not after on the right when in line with text
ex.: The margins you leave around them are not enough or too much
ex.: They float in space not connected to the content

What can you do to become better?

Make sure only to use svg files. PowerPoint 2016 and above has this capability. Check these links to learn where you can do so Sites to download icons, Icon search tool
Train your eye to see the subtle differences between icons. The basic rules of icon use
Make sure that you position icons on slides appropriately
Understand the client content fully to be able to select the best fitting icons
Read the contents not just the heading of the client text - as sometime the heading does not contain key information
ex.: Heading: How Content: We need to digitalize our client's detailed data in order to make the progress faster. In this case the icon should be connected to "digitalisation" not "how"
And of course, use the icon style set in the client guidelines

To learn more about good icon usage watch this video:

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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