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A simple checklist to avoid common mistakes

Follow this simple checklist to ensure consistent slides and improve your performance!

Does the slide follow the provided slide frame pixel perfect? Everything about slide frames
Are slide numbers formatted and placed identically across the presentation?
Are sources, footnotes etc. formatted (font sizes, colour, font type) and placed exactly the same way across the presentation?
Are all slide titles placed and formatted exactly the same across the presentation? Avoid jumping slide titles
Do icons have the same exact style across the deck? The basic rules of icon use
Are the correct colours from the client template, guidelines and inspiration files used?
Is the use of colours consistent throughout the presentation?
Do slides have consistent usage of Uppercase vs. sentence case? (If some slides contain UPPERCASE heading while others have sentence case heading or text, confirm with admin which one to use)
Are bullet point colour & shape & sizes identical through the whole presentation?
Is the correct font type used throughout the deck?
Is the client content unchanged? (it should be)

Every single slide you do should pass each of these 11 checks – every single time

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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