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Everything about slide frames

The slide frame is one of the most important concepts we use at Knowmore Platform

Most client guidelines include a well-defined slide frame.
Usually you will see a similar yellow box like below in the first few slides of a guideline.
There will also be red dashed lines as well. PowerPoint terminology calls these lines guides.

Slide frame

Based on this slide frame, you must align all content all to fit pixel perfect to its edges when possible.

Here is an example of incorrect slide frame alignment

Incorrect slide frame alignment
Even such slight misalignments will affect your rating of a project

What do we mean by fit to the slide frame?

You need to make sure all the elements touch all 4 sides top, bottom, left, right, they are right on the edge and not outside nor inside the slide frame.

What if is there is no slide frame available in a guideline?

In such cases you should do the following
study the guidelines and in the inspiration file to get an idea of where the slide frame should be
insert PowerPoint guides inside the slide deck to make your own slide frame (at least one guide each for the top, bottom, left and right)
confirm with the admin if the slide frame you have created is suitable

To learn more about slide frame watch this video:

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Updated on: 23/01/2023

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