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Font issues

Using correct font and following basic font design rules is very important. Font issues are big part of creating inconsistent slides. Therefore let´s make sure you know what to avoid.

What does it mean if you got this tag as feedback from an admin?

Client´s font is not installed in your computer
You have installed client´s font but you didn´t close and re-open PowerPoint - you need to do this in order to see newly installed font in your PowerPoint
You might have used wrong font
You use too small font size even though slide offers space for higher font size for good readability
Your font sizes are not following clients guidelines (Title font size, Subtitle font size, Minimum and maximum for content font size, Footnote font size, etc.)
Font sizes are inconsistent - it is recommended to use only 1 font size per 1 slide, unless clients´ guidelines have different instruction
You might have changed letter spacing to other setting than normal, for example "Tight" or "Loose" - this is not allowed unless there is very rare case that was confirmed with your admin
You use All Caps or other settings even though the guidelines do not show these settings
You changed superscript to regular text
You have lowered line spacing so much that text overlaps or looks very cramped

What can you do to become better?

Study this article to learn more about font sizes and related topics - Fonts sizes, space optimisation and spacing
Make sure that you installed client´s font, closed and re-opened PowerPoint before you start to work
Study clients´ guidelines to see their font and font sizes rules
Remember to use consistent font size - generally 1 slide = 1 font size in content area
Use readable font size - if you need to use very small font size due to heavy content, ask your admin for what can you do - sometimes we suggest to split the slides as option or extend the slide frame
Avoid breaking rules that are mentioned in paragraph above

Learn more about this topic by watching the following videos:

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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