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Independence is a key character trait that can lead to your ultimate success on KnowMore Platform. It is a combination of individual decision making, personal responsibility and perseverance. Admins cherish independent designers – as we can trust them to work on their own. An independent designer uses their admins’ resources wisely.

What does it mean if you got this tag as feedback from an admin?

You ask questions you can easily get the answers for from the description, instructions and guideline materials
Instead of first trying to figure out the project on your own, you rely on the admin to explain even easy details
You ask the admin to give you ideas to design the slide without trying on your own first
You ask the admin to explain PowerPoint, instead of first using Google to search for tutorials
You needed a lot of attention (handholding) from the admin to be able to complete the task, for example - sharing screenshots for every action you apply on a slide is over-communication

What can you do to become better?

Try to understand the project on your own – and if you are unsure, summarise your understanding to double check it with the admin
Come up with your own solutions, drafts, ideas first – and ask the admin for feedback on them – instead of asking them for their ideas.
Work/edit a few slides based on your understanding and submit it for proper review
Search for PowerPoint tutorials on your own to learn PowerPoint tips and tricks in your own time to prepare for more difficult projects
Be aware of your weaknesses so you can better your skills – so you only need admin help for tricky situations
Try to use KnowMore knowledge center and resources as much as you can

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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