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We really appreciate the right attitude on projects. Maybe you are a new designer who is still learning how to work at our platform or you are a more experienced designer but the task was not going as smooth as you hoped for. As much as we are trying to make every project going smoothly, there might be occasional bumps on the road. Therefore we appreciate designers who do not give up easily, are keen to learn continually and have the right team spirit to solve any issue on the task!

What does it mean if you got this tag as feedback from an admin?

You give up too early to understand the task description and instructions
You received rework on the task but you were not willing to conduct the edits or complained without giving a reason
You have got additional instructions/work/rework and you have complained instead of clearly communicating to your admin why you are not able to take on any additional work
You gave up to finish the task until the end

What can you do to become better?

It is a team work, therefore try to have helpful approach - If you do some extra work that is not part of description feel free to ask your admin for receiving extra time (hours and/or deadline extension) rather than complaining about having more work if you are available
Communication is the key - we fully understand if you have some different plans and therefore you can´t work longer than what you have applied for
In case you are a new designer at our platform you have to be willing to learn and receive feedback, rework and persevere until successful end of the task in order to improve your skills

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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