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Rating of Admins

Part of each project is the rating process. As you know Admins rate our Designers, Designers rate our Admins, and lastly Admins are rated as well by our Clients.
This whole process helps us to get better as a team and deliver better results to our clients.

How to rate our admins

After each project you should rate your admin in these specific areas:


How was the admin's response time to your questions?
How was the quality of the project description?
How was the quality of the admins's messages?
How was the overall experience of the admin on the project?

Comment feedback:

Even though responses to the questions mentioned above are very valuable to us, the most valuable part is the comment section. In this section you can provide any feedback for improvement or describe some issue on the task you had to deal with. Positive feedback is of course always welcome as well and highly motivates our admins to keep up doing their best while guiding you during the tasks.

We highly recommend to always provide at least a short comment when you select admin´s performance as "Good" or lower. This way our team can learn more about what we can improve.

How do we treat your feedback?

Each admin sees own ratings and so giving them specific feedback might help them to get better and understand what you as a designer missed during the project. Since the rating goes only to the last admin on the project it is important to mention names in your comment in case your feedback is meant for a different admin than the one who approved your task
Designer Success Team reviews designers´ feedbacks to admins on weekly basis. Therefore, if we spot that your comment was meant for another admin we will pass over this feedback.
As well Designer Success team gives general feedback to admins based on your comments and in case we spot there was some issue on your task we might contact you to clarify the issue to avoid it in the future.

If you have important issue or feedback we would also recommend you to write us email at

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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