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Details are important and spacing is not an exception. Spacing refers to equal spaces between shapes both horizontally and vertically. In other way it means that all the gaps between shapes or even shapes to text must be the same throughout the slide(s).

What does it mean if you got this tag as feedback from an admin?

There are differences between the spacing of objects
Your spacing might be equal for all horizontal gaps, but maybe different for vertical gaps or the other way around
Your spacing might be too cramped or gaps are too big and the space of the slide frame is not used efficiently

What can you do to become better?

PowerPoint gives you visual hints (small guides) of when shapes are equally spaced - try to be more attentive to them
Try to train your eyes a bit more to have better estimation of how equal spacing looks
You can use simple rectangle shape to mark the gap between two shapes and then use that shape for all the other gaps you will be creating (see the picture below, focus on yellow shapes marking gaps)

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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