In this article we will explain the paid test projects further, what is expected, and how to do well. You can only start this step once you have passed the application test, filled your profile details, have watched the onboarding video, and completed your first informal interview with an admin.

What is a test project?
The test project is where you can really experience what it is like to work with us. You will experience the Knowmore Platform in its entirety, you will see what a project is like, you will have live admins available to give you feedback and to guide you, you will learn about our expectations and you shall have access to all of its resources - link.

You can only initiate a test project on weekdays between 07:00 and 23:00 CET. Each test project has a deadline of 8 hours from the moment you start it. Make sure that you set aside enough time to be able to fully focus on it. Inside a test project you will have all the standard materials you need to complete it, client input, client guideline and client inspirations. To offer you further help, you will also find training documents inside them to read so you can do your best.

In the test projects we observe not only your design skills but your professional behaviour, comprehension and communication skills as well.
We expect you to design a PowerPoint deck following a given guideline perfectly, show us your creativity within the constrictions of the client branding, prove your understanding of the content and communicate efficiently with the admin when you face uncertainties

No go
Design without studying the guidelines and inspiration files
Expect the admin to provide you with creative solutions
Neglect reading the additional training documents in the test projects
Do not ask questions of the admins
Expect to get everything right the first time
Rush through the project to be done with it quickly

How to do well
Pay attention to the smallest details in the guidelines and inspiration files
Try to figure things out independently first
When facing any sort of issue contact admin with collected questions
Take feedback and critique as a challenge to become better, not as a set down
Be inspired by other solutions, but do not blindly copy them

Next step
Only after you have completed and passed both test projects will you be able to continue in the on-boarding process and reach the next step, which is the final interview.
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