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Good communication is vital to be able to work successfully remotely. During projects you communicate exclusively in writing through the chat interface of the platform with admins. It is your responsibility to make sure that exchange of information goes smoothly to ensure a good experience on any projects.

What can it mean if you got this tag as feedback from an admin?

Your communication style is not clear – the admin has to ask you more than one clarifying question to understand what you mean
You do not ask questions if something is unclear, but just work on the project. By leaving the admin to correct you at the very end you cause more work for yourself and the admin.
You were inattentive and misunderstand the instructions, which ended up in incorrect project work
You were inattentive in understanding the admin’s feedback
You did not send WIP files even though it was required or if you were unsure of the task
You did not communicate to the admin your availability – and went silent for hours, causing worry whether the project would be completed in time
Your communication style is inconsiderate of the admin’s time:
ex.: Constantly asking too many questions – throughout the whole project, instead of summarizing and asking them all at once
ex.: Impatience with the admins reply speed – expecting answers immediately – instead of waiting for 5-15 minutes before repeated prompting
ex.: Asking questions that are clearly already answered in the description and instructions of the project

What can you do to become better?

Make sure that your text cannot be misunderstood
It is better to ask more questions than less – especially if it involves the final project
Read all instructions carefully and attentively. If you have a question, it is wise to summarize your understanding of the project for the admin first – so they can immediately see if you got everything correctly
Make sure you understand the admin’s feedback, if something is not clear – ask them to clarify. Also consider that admin's feedback may be valid for more than one slide – double check your work to see that you do not repeat the same mistake elsewhere
Send WIP files to get confirmation you are on the right track if you are unsure and always if it was requested of you
Consider using screenshots when you think your question is too long. 1 image can save 5 lines of text
Always tell the admin if you are taking a break from the project, and tell them exactly when you will be back in CET. If you have committed yourself to a project, do not ghost without telling the admin. Don’t make the admin write you to ask about what is happening, inform them as soon as possible so they can plan for all contingencies
Consider the admin’s situation of managing anything between 15 to 40 projects at the same time
ex.: Do your best to compile all your questions and ask them during high admin periods, refer to this article Communication on Knowmore Platform
ex.: Reminding the admin every minute is not conducive – as you are breaking their concentration flow on the project they have to focus on at the time, and thus will need even more time to finish up to be able to concentrate on your needs
ex.: First check the instructions, the guidelines and the client file itself to try and answer your question by yourself, before asking the admin

Watch our video about how to communicate with our admins

Updated on: 20/10/2023

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