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Gradient style icons from SlideHub library

"Gradient style" icons from SlideHub library are a great extension of the "Normal line" icons that are a bit limited in the amount of icons for different topics.

So feel free to use these icons to get more specific icons for different topics. But when working with these icons be aware of the 3 important points below you need to manage to ensure consistency and correct style.

How to convert gradient style icons from SlideHub library to regular line style icons:

How to convert face icons from gradient style to line style:

How to manage consistency in-between icons:

Be aware that there is a big difference between the Lined icon style and the Gradient icon style we offer in our library. The amount of details differs a lot, therefore, optimally use only one style or if absolutely necessary to mix them you might need to remove some details from the Gradient style to match it with the Lined style.

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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