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SlideHub platform - introduction

What is SlideHub platform?

SlideHub platform is PowerPoint add-in developed by our company that enables our clients and now also our designers to access all of our productivity tools including:
Inspiration slides
Icons and flags
Images and illustrations
KnowMore slides - section containing our training materials

Every active designer is required to have access to SlideHub platform and must be able to use it on all KnowMore projects.

What is difference between SlideHub platform and KnowMore platform?

KnowMore platform is a webpage on which our designers apply for tasks, work on projects and chat with our admins. If you wish to be a designer for us, you will need to register and apply through KnowMore platform.
SlideHub platform is PowerPoint add-in you have to use on KnowMore projects directly in your PowerPoint to access all the productivity tools.

Why do you need to use SlideHub platform?

We shall phase out access to tools such as Icons, Images and Inspiration slides on the KnowMore platform. We have moved all of these features directly into the SlideHub platform as it is more efficient for working with PowerPoint. After using it you will be able to see many benefits this new add-in platform offers.
There will be a transition period in which these features will be available in both places temporarily. This time should allow our designers to create their accounts and get used to handling SlideHub platform.

What are advantages of using SlideHub platform?

SlideHub platform will give you access to even more SVG Icons, Images and Illustrations
You can select specific styles of icons and illustrations directly in the SlideHub platform
All the icons, images and inspiration slides will be inserted directly into the slides you work on, so you do not have to download them separately

How will I get access to SlideHub platform?

All active designers and new designers that have reached Level 2 will receive an invitation via e-mail.
Read this article for detailed information.

How to install SlideHub platform?

Please review this article, it will guide you step by step through the process.

How to log into SlideHub platform?

Please review this article for a thorough description.

Guide to SlideHub platform tools

To learn how to work with Inspirations slides click here
To learn how to work with Icons and Flags click here
To learn how to work with Images and Illustrations click here

Updated on: 22/11/2022

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