How will I receive access to SlideHub Platform?
All active designers and new designers that have reached Level 2 will receive an email invitation.
This is the example of the email you should receive:

If you haven´t received the email invitation and you are an active designer please reach out to
After clicking on "Accept Invite & create password" you will be redirected to a page that will allow you to create your password and set up your account.
Fill in your details in the field marked by a pink outline and accept the agreement terms by clicking on the checkbox.

After clicking on "Accept invite" you are ready to use the SlideHub Platform add-in!
Please do not continue in the webpage view! Instead install the add-in in your PowerPoint and log in directly in PowerPoint!

Important information
After 60 days of inactivity on KnowMore Platform your access to SlideHub Platform will be removed. If you want to reactivate it you will need to contact us at and we shall send you a new invitation.

In case of any issues with the SlideHub Platform contact, do not write to emails with the domain.
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