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What are inspiration slides and how to insert them via SlideHub platform?

What are inspiration slides?

Inspirations slides are “pre-made” slide designs to help you build better presentations faster.
There are more than 3000 inspiration slides in our SlideHub Platform that are available for your use.

Inspiration slides can help you become a better designer especially in Visual Enhancement tasks as they provide you with creative solutions that just need to be adjusted to the given client's guidelines and style.

How to search and insert content within inspiration slides:

First click on Insert inspiration slides tab.

There are 2 main ways to find a slide structure you would like to use when working on a KnowMore project.

Method 1 /Follow Pink points/: Use categories and subcategories to browse

Click on “Insert Inspiration Slides” and then navigate through the list of categories on the left.
After selecting a category you can narrow your search by clicking on a subcategory.
Please note: If you wish to choose multiple categories or subcategories at the same time, hold the button CTRL and select the subcategories you need.
Pick the slide that fits best with what you're looking for and click on "Insert". The slide will be automatically added to your presentation.

Method 2 /Follow Blue point/: Search based on keywords in the search bar at the top

Go to Inspiration Slides and simply start typing any term you need. It will show slides containing that term.
If you don't get any or only non-relevant results, that means we do not have any slides tagged with that term. Please try using a synonym or scroll through the categories as you still may find what you need, it just might not be tagged by the word you used for searching.
In this example, we used the word: road

To insert the slide you simply press "Insert" - see Method 1, point 3.

Additional information /Follow Orange point/:

You can select the size of slides shown in the overview, you have the following options:
4:3 (Standard)
16:9 (Widescreen)

Updated on: 22/11/2022

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