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How to insert icons and flags via SlideHub platform?

How to insert icons and flags?

To insert icons and flags, first open the SlideHub Platform.
Then click on the button that says: Insert Icons and Flags

Inserting icons

Select Standard Icons
Click the style you want to use
Type in the keyword in the search bar
Select the icon you wish to be inserted into your slide and press the "Add" button

Please note that the majority of our clients use either lined or filled style of icon. That is why these 2 styles are marked as preferred.
You can change the colour of icons after they have been inserted into the PowerPoint slide.

Replacing icons

You can as well replace existing icons with our "dynamic actions" tool. This feature is not available if you did not select any icon on your slide but once you click on icon this tool will appear in your SlideHub panel and you can replace the selected icon.
Please note: This feature might not work on icons that were ungrouped, even if you group them again as our tool will not recognize these separate shapes as an icon.

Inserting flags

In this section you can look for different country flags. You may even look for cities and the corresponding country flag will show up.
Select Flag Icons
Type the country/city in the search bar
Select flag style
Select flag you wish to be inserted to your slide and press "Add" button

Updated on: 08/03/2023

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