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How to build custom shapes correctly

It is very important for our clients that slides are built in a clean way and are easy to edit.
Building shapes correctly is tightly connected to this.

We will explain the topic on example you can see in the picture below:

This simple structure has no need to have all these different shapes.
We could just use a normal chevron.
But in cases where we need to have a customized shape built from other shapes, we can still use the right tools to convert it to just 1 shape (not just grouping the objects together).
See the picture guide on how to merge shapes in the correct way.

This way the client can easily edit the content without having to move/recolor/resize all these different shapes.

When designing slides it is always important to think of the end user = client that wishes for easy-to-edit and clean slides.

Updated on: 02/02/2023

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