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"Call to Action" SMS service

Usually we rely on regular notifications. Yet once in a while we get into a project boom situation or unexpected lack of designers on the platform at a certain time.
For those situations we decided to implement an SMS notification service.

How does the SMS service work?

If there are many projects on the platform pending and not enough designers online to cover them, the admin team can decide to send the SMS notification to the list of designers who specifically agreed to be part of the SMS list, and provided us with their phone number. We call these designers "Call to action team".
As a reward for coming to help us in these times we will provide a reward code in the SMS.

Designers do not need to worry about us spamming them with any other information via SMS. We will text you only in case of urgent help being needed.

How does the reward code work?

You will receive an SMS in this format:

The Reward code has the format KM####. In the real SMS, the code will contain 4 digits that will be unique every time you receive this SMS.
To apply your reward code you simply need to write the code to your admin in the regular project chat. Example: "Hello admin, I came to the project because I received the help SMS. Code for reward is KM1234. Thank you for applying it."
Admin will apply your reward code by adding 30% surcharge to your task. In case the project already has some surcharge you will receive additional 20% surcharge on top of it. In case there is already surcharge more than 50% you will get additional 15%.

Please note: 1 reward code can be applied on maximum 2 projects and is only valid to be applied within 5 hours starting from the time the SMS notification was sent out.

How can I become part of the Call to action team?

You will be asked to become part of this team once you reach Level 3.
If you are above Level 3 and you would like to become part of this team, yet you did not receive information about how to join simply write us an email at

What should I do if I do not want to receive the SMS anymore?

Please contact us at and we will remove you from the list.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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