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Project case: Pre-booking

What is a “pre-booking” project?

A pre-booking is a normal task that is booked in advance by the client. The client provides a file arrival time (when you have to be available) and a given deadline. We create the project and you get allocated. You start working when the files arrive.

How will I be paid for the time being "pre-booked"?

You will get paid for the working hours we reserve you for, not for the time you are pre-booked for.
Example: If you are “pre-booked” from 13:00 CET to 16:00 CET, and the project is estimated to be 1.5 hours work hours, you will be paid for 1.5 hours even if you have been “pre-booked” for 3 hours.

Modifications to the project

Upon receiving the client file, the admins will double check the project to make sure that it was scoped correctly. If the file ends up being less or more work than originally scoped the hours will be updated accordingly.
If it ends up being more we will confirm with you if you can handle the full task.
If the client sends less work than the original estimated hours:
If your task was more than 5 h: you will be paid the new rescoped hours with a minimum of 5 hours.
If your task was less than 5 h: you will be paid in full (whatever the initial scope was).

What happens if the client cancels the project?

You will not get paid if the client cancels the request within the first hour of submitting it.
If the client cancels the project 1 hour after submitting it you will be paid 5 hours, regardless of the size of the task. The only exception is if the task’s original scope was less than 5 hours, then you get paid the amount of the initial scope.
If the client fails to send us the task 1 hour after the “pre-booked” time starts you will be paid 5 hours. The only exception is if the task’s original scope was less than 5 hours, then you get paid the amount of the initial scope.

Specific case: 1 designer on 2 parts of pre-booking:

Occasionally, it happens that 1 designer applies for more than 1 part of the same project, usually 2 parts. 
If the designer gets allocated to both parts, the admin confirms with the designer if they are able to complete both parts within the given time.

Rules that will apply in this case:
After admin confirms with the designer sufficient availability and capacity to take on 2 parts of the same pre-booking:
Admin will merge these 2 parts only into 1 and adjust the time so both parts are covered (hours from subproject 1 + hours from subproject 2).
Admin will remove the designer from the second unused subproject and delete this project.
This is to simplify the overall project management. 

What happens in this case if the Pre-Booking is canceled?
If the client cancels the task, a regular cancellation policy is applied. Please read about cancellation policy rules in this article, 1 topic above.
Please note: Designer will not be double-compensated for cancellation due to merged work from 2 subprojects.
Designer will receive possible compensation equal to 1 subproject. The reason is that this compensation is applied to cover designer's waiting time for a project and in this case designer does not spend double the waiting time.

Who can apply for “pre-booking” projects?

Only level 4 and 5 specialists will be able to apply to such projects.

Why should you care?

Applying for "pre-booked" projects allows you to better schedule your time. You just have to be ready when the project files arrive as specified in the task description. Occasionally, you will also get paid for projects that never arrive.

How do I know if it is a “pre-booking” project?

You will see the text “pre-booking” in the first row of the description.

What is the difference between a normal and a “pre-booking” project?

In a normal project, you will receive
fixed deadline
scoping hours
working files

However, in the “booking project”, you will have
fixed deadline
scoping hours

But you will not have the following initially
working files

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Updated on: 15/12/2023

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