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Project files submission: How to submit files correctly?

There are a few different options for how to submit a file. See the example below:

WIP (Work in Progress):

WIP should be submitted in the following cases:
When you do not have any hesitations but you want to share your file with the admin so they can see the progress on the file - it is very important that your admin is up-to-date on the status of your project. This way if you overlooked something they can give you valuable feedback and you can avoid re-work or putting the task at risk. Therefore do not wait only for the admin to ask you for WIP - make sure that you submit WIP files from your own initiative as well to make sure you are on the good track.
Whenever the admin asks you to submit a WIP file


Uncertain submission should be sent if you have any hesitations about how to continue the work or if you need to confirm certain aspects of the work with your admin. You can select directly the areas that the admin should take a look at and provide you with feedback.


This submission should be uploaded if you consider the file done and client-ready. That means that you have worked on all the slides according to the instructions and guidelines and you re-checked all of the following aspects:
All the instructions from the project description / admin´s instructions / last admin´s feedback / client´s instructions in the file are followed
Alignments and consistency in the slides and across the file - no jumpings for titles, subtitles, footers, slide numbers, slide frame (the final check in presentation mode)
That all content is correct - both by checking manually and using the content checker tool
If you kept all the animations, speakers notes and client comments that are not instructions for us
If you submit a file as "Done" your admin gets an option to approve your submission. If you only submit a "WIP" file the admin can approve your file but in a more complicated way so they might ask you to submit the file as "Done" again.
Please note: There is a chance that if you submit a file as "Done" you might still receive feedback from the admins if they spot some final edits to work on. It is okay. You can just work on the edits and submit the file afterward again as "Done". Just make sure that this time all the feedback from the admins is done and you did all the final checks mentioned above.

Other - let me explain:

If you press this option for submitting you get an available text window where you can describe your specific question or explanation for an admin to check.

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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