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Project case: Quick Quality Assurance (QQA)

We know that amongst some of our clients, Quality Assurance matters less in comparison to speed on certain requests. Thus, roughly 20% of the time that is spent on Quality Assurance might not be adding sufficient value to the process for all requests.

Our demand is currently quite large and since all tasks go through the same QA process, some tasks end up being delivered later than they could if the QA time is reduced.

In order to be able to give our clients the option of choosing if they would prefer to prioritize speed over quality we have developed this new Process we can apply to Standard Tasks.

This process is Quick Quality Assurance and it involves the quality factor of the work being reduced in order to promote a smaller total cost and increase in speed.

How it works

Quick QA projects are projects in which the admin relies more on the design decisions of the designer
You work on the Task as normal, making sure to follow all the client instructions and Guidelines and you should be able to get none or maximum 1-2 reviews before getting approved
The Designer still has to make sure the quality is good enough to send to the client
In return for this increased freedom designers are expected to do roughly 20% more slides per hour. - which leads to an equal reduction of the total hours payment, having a minimum of 0.8 hours.


This process can only be applied if the work required on the slides is either a Brush Up, Visual Enhancement, Light Brush-Up or all combined
The average approval rate is faster than standard tasks

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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