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Project files: Feedback Tags

Since we are always trying to improve our platform to be more user-friendly, both on the project manager and designer side we have developed this feature where we are able to provide a tag for the type of edits you have been given.
Please see the picture below:

Feedback Tag Example

This allows for more transparency for what the project managers expect of the designers to do and consequently at what stage the project is at (close to being done, halfway or just started). Making sure the next project managers who come in also quickly become aware of the stage of the project.

Please find the list of six tags and their meaning below:

No Edits

No changes on the File

Final Edits

Last edits before the file gets approved (all slides are already done). (e.g., simple and small enough edits that can be done quickly and almost not need to be double checked before approval)

Simple Edits

Quick Edits to do (e.g., fix jumpings, fix colors, fix bullet points, fix text margins, add back transitions/ animations, content check once more, etc.)

Moderate Edits

A considerable amount of edits which falls between “Full Rework” and “Simple Edits”. (e.g., making sure the slides are all consistent in style/color and follow the guidelines, reworking some slides in the deck, missed one or two client instructions, etc.)

Full Rework

The slides need major edits, almost/actually starting the task from scratch (e.g., changing the template, applying Visual Enhancement to the slides instead of Brush-Up, major client instructions were not followed, etc.)


Not defined - not specific to any category of feedback

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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