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Project case: Google Slides

On KnowMore Platform we predominantly create PowerPoint slides, however clients are starting to regularly request projects from us in Google Slides. We have noticed that many designers are not comfortable working in Google slides.

Therefore we have prepared a PowerPoint file to help you work on such projects.
We hope this will help you be better prepared, and give you more confidence to apply to this type of project.

Google Slides Guidelines

These guidelines are meant for decks that will be converted into gSlides – the work will still be done in PowerPoint, but we need to ensure structurally there will be minimal (or no) formatting changes when converting from PPT to gSlides. This is important as there are some formatting changes when converting PPT slides to gSlides.
When working on gSlides decks – please go through these guidelines carefully.
Please download the following file.

Topics covered in the guideline will help you to know how to deal with the following topics:
Sharing policy for gSlides + Designers' To-Do's after the Admin confirms the slides are good to go
How to import a PPT document into gSlides?
Limited font availability in gSlides
Text in rotated shapes (e.g., vertical headings)
Text and numbers in circle shapes
Table transparency and headings
Photo transparency
Picture formatting
Graphs and how to edit graphs in gSheets

Updated on: 13/06/2024

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