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Change of admins

Why admins change?

One admins’ shift ends, and the other admins’ shift starts.
These changes happen at these specific times:
08:00 CET
16:00 CET
24:00 CET
Designers receive a notification in the project chats that informs them about this change 1 hour ahead of time.
Admins can also change mid-shift due to:
Need to finalize/prioritize other more urgent tasks and so they require help from other admins to manage their tasks meanwhile.
Need to equalize the amount of work between admins, so the Team Lead on the shift redistributes a few tasks to make the admins’ busyness level more balanced.
Switch between different roles of admins within the team. The admins do more than just manage the designers' tasks while on their shift.
Temporary change:
Sometimes the admins switch just to help review a file or respond to designer questions while the other admin is busy. This helps to decrease the waiting time for designers. Usually, admins do this when they know the waiting time would be more substantial.

We are not able to avoid admins changes as our admins work in shifts so we are available all 24h. But we are trying our best to avoid unnecessary rework caused by admins changes as much as possible:

Feedback tag system: We implemented the feedback tag system, so it is easier for admins and designers to understand the level of rework required. This should as well make sure the next admin who comes in also quickly become aware of the stage of the project. You can read more in this article.
All admins are trained to know how to handle shift changes: We train and educate our admins on how to avoid subjective reworks and provide them with frequent reminders on these principles.
Checking previous admin´s feedback: New admin in project always checks the client´s input file and as well the last admin's feedback file or feedback in the chat as a standard procedure
Big projects rotates same admins: In the case of big projects that are being worked on in multiple days we try to rotate the same admins as much as possible.
Approved slides or repeated structures: Admins are asked to notify the next admin about any approved slides or repeated structures in case of bigger projects.

Why new admin might ask for edits previous admin did not ask for:

Some mistakes get only visible after first feedback rounds are applied. Once the slides main issues are fixed it is easier to spot the smaller mistakes that admins might point out in 2nd/3rd round.
Some mistakes might occur in designer´s work during working on feedbacks.
Next admin might spot that some guideline/client´s instruction was not followed - they have to point this out even though previous admin might have missed this - it is unfortunate that first admin might have missed it but so did the designer - we are all humans 🙂. But these basic mistakes have to be corrected in every case as we have to follow guidelines and client´s instructions.
First admin might have been busy during review and even though they tried to point out as many mistakes as possible they might have missed something due to pressure to review another designers´ files with more urgent deadlines or they had to quality assure and send presentation back to client as client´s deadline was up. (There can be many cases when admins are under huge pressure and they really try to do their best to help all designer´s and guide them as well as they can at that time)

Change of admins in bigger projects:

In case of bigger projects admins are advised to clearly state if they approved some slides or repeated structures so there should not be any further rework on these slides unless there would be specific reason. You can feel free to ask politely your admin to add to description note for next admin about slides that are approved in case of big projects.


If admin asks about any change because guidelines, content, or client´s instructions are not fulfilled this change has to be conducted.
If it is bigger complex change previous admin did not point out, you can discuss adding additional time for this change. Otherwise, we ask our admins to not require any subjective design preference changes.

If you have any ideas on how we could improve this area please let us know. We are genuinely interested in your opinion and we are always up for improving the way of working 🙂

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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