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How to work on German language recreation slides

We work for clients from all over the world, and make the PowerPoint presentations in many different languages.

German is one of the most common languages besides English that you may run into in the platform and we have put together some training material to help you work on such projects.

The video linked below will walk you through the basics of what to pay attention to when working on recreation of texts and images in German. Please watch it.

This language pack we have provided is for you to make sure your computer is set up correctly to deal with the German language. The tool can be installed on Windows 10 with Office 365.

German Language Pack - download link

We hope that these materials will make German projects much easier for you to complete.

Together with your help, we expect that this new skill will help convince new German clients to sign up with us and thus we will be able to give you even more projects to work on!

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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