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Lorem ipsum files

Lorem Ipsum file

Lorem Ipsum file is a redacted version of a file that our admins sent to a client as final delivery. This means that this file contains the final edits that the admin(s) did before they delivered the file to the client.
The Lorem Ipsum file does not contain any of the clients´ content anymore due to confidential reasons and all the text has been replaced by “Xxxxx”. Yet you can still see changes in alignment, colours and other edits admins performed.

Use Lorem ipsum files to improve your future performance

To maximize your learning after every project we recommend reviewing the Lorem Ipsum file against your delivered slides to see the changes made. This process together with a good review of your rating, feedback tags and admin's feedback comment should help you to improve your performance and avoid mistakes going forward.

To sum up Lorem Ipsum files help you in:
Understanding what mistakes were corrected by the admins in your outputs
Understanding changes that might have been done to improve the slides even if your design was not necessarily wrong. Admins sometimes adjust slides to preferences of clients or do simple improvements to make sure client will be happy. These edits are usually not considered in your rating yet you can still draw an inspiration or learning from these edits.

Please note: Once you review your final submission file against the Lorem Ipsum file you must remove all task-related files from your device as per our NDA requirements.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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