How does the platform allocation system work?
Our platform algorithm chooses the most suitable designers who get the notifications first, if no one applies after certain time notifications are sent further. Generally, the system is very fair and helps designers to work smoothly based on their designer career level, rating and other factors such as currently ongoing projects.

Considering designers´ career level:
If you are a brand new designer system helps you to get on smaller easier projects so you can experience a smooth transition and learning on the platform. Once you get more experienced and promoted to higher designer levels you will get notifications for a bigger variety of projects - small, medium, longer and more complex tasks.

Considering designers´ rating:
The system rewards those who are performing well and earn good ratings. This way we make sure that if you are putting a lot of effort to your work on our platform you will have an increased chance on working on tasks than those with low ratings. This does not mean that lower-rated designers do not get a chance to work, but the number of projects might be lower. This said, it is important to remember that rating is not a fixed number. Your rating is based on your last 50 projects therefore you can always improve your rating but also the other way around.

Considering currently ongoing projects and deadlines:
Since designers from Level 3 up and Talented designers can work on multiple projects our system tries to make sure that designers do not get to multiple projects with similar or very tight deadlines that they would not be able to deliver. So it serves as a safety net to make sure you do not bite off more than you can chew. It considers the sizes of your tasks and how long your deadlines are. If your deadlines are comfortable enough you can work on multiple projects.
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