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Project case: Template creation


Our clients occasionally send us tasks that require edits of templates or creating a template specifically according to their needs from scratch. Since these types of tasks require knowledge of working with Slide master and Layouts we created supporting materials for our designers to know all the standards that need to be met. Please carefully watch the video in the below section, review the checklist and all additional materials available in this article.

How to create a template from scratch

Template creation checklist

The template should be created from scratch, instead of re-using an older template​
The template measurements should obey the standards: 16x9 (←preferred) or 4x3, unless we get a different instruction.​
The structure of the template must be created in the Slide master, and the structure reused in the master layouts​
Standard placeholders inside the Master Layouts are: Title, Body content, footer, page numbers and the logo (if applicable) and with guidelines inside the Master​
Consider that titles can sometimes have 2 lines and we need to plan for that, so bottom or top align them​
Set the subtitle placeholder. Check if the subtitle works with the title position.​
Make sure to set up a slideframe that allows for a good amount of space for the content while still having enough empty space between title and subtitle and slide edges​
It's better if a template doesn't have any placeholders with the "shrink text on overflow" selected. Text box placeholders should have the "Do not autofit" and "Wrap Text in Shape" option selected. Titles/subtitles should have the "do not autofit" and "do not resize shape to fit text" options selected​
Set default shapes, text boxes, lines (consider colors, outlines and line thickness)​
The template and the master layouts should be properly named​
Font preferences = system font (Arial, Calibri, etc.), if we end up using a non-system font then embed it in the PPT​
Create the color palette taking into consideration the text/background (dark/light) colors and the branding of the company. Accent 1 should be the main color from the branding. ​
Delete the recent colors – video here

Standard (must-have) layouts

Cover Slide​
Breaker Slide​
Title only slide​
Title + Content​

Extra layouts

The Task description or instructions should contain all information about which layouts you should be working on. If you have any hesitations or the layouts information is missing, please reach out to the admins.
Charts, tables​
Full background photo/video​
About me/Team​
Content divided into 2, 3, 4 columns​
Closing slide

PowerPoint file containing examples of all the layouts can be downloaded here.
Download the PowerPoint file to your computer and open it directly in PowerPoint to view all the layouts properly. Do not only view via Dropbox link.

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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