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Project type: Recreation

Recreation involves converting the input to editable PowerPoint text and shapes.

As a standard Recreation contains Brush-up. Sometimes clients ask for Recreation + Visual enhancement. Therefore, always confirm with your admin if recreation should be only brushed up or also enhanced.

Recreation training video:

German recreations

Quite often we receive German recreation tasks that have a more specific set of rules to follow, especially because all the nouns in the German language have to start with the first letter capital. To learn how to work with German recreations check this article that contains a full video guide.

WebPlotDigitizer tool

WebPlotDigitizer tool is an online tool that helps to extract data from chart images. Before starting to work with the tool we highly recommend watching the tutorial video you can find directly in the WebPlotDigitizer webpage.

OCR - Optical character recognition

In many cases designers have to fully retype the text by themselves. That specifically applies to handwritten notes.
For clear pictures with text we allow our designers to use the OCR systems that do not store any data.
These online tools can recognize the characters and convert pictures to editable text. Designers still have to ensure that the text is fully correct, so when using this tool you have to make sure to double-check the text word by word, letter by letter.
Here is the list of allowed OCR online tools that comply with our data security policy:

Updated on: 27/10/2022

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