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What is Telegram?

What is Telegram?

Telegram is an app you can download and connect to your designer profile at our platform. Once you are connected you will be getting notifications about available projects, you can apply for the projects and get notifications about admins´ messages via the app. You can have Telegram installed as a desktop app on your computer or as phone app.

How do I connect my profile to Telegram?

You need to go to your Profile settings and follow the instructions under Notification Settings:
We recommend to set up your connection via desktop application on your computer in order to not experience any issues.

Once you have successfully connected your profile the message in the Notification Settings will change to this:

How do I receive the notifications?

Telegram works like a messenger and will send you message when project is available or your admin chats with you. This is how the notification message looks like:

How can I apply for a project via Telegram?

It is very simple and Telegram tells you exact instructions. See example below:

If you successfully got the project to work on you will receive this message:

How to use Telegram commands?

You can get information/create action by typing following commands to message field of Telegram:

For example: If you want to find out what are available projects on the platform right now just send message /projects and Telegram will respond to you about project availability.

What Telegram can´t do?

Once you get into the project you have to go directly to the platform to communicate with your admin. You are not able to chat with your admins or submit file through Telegram chat.
You should though receive notifications about your admins messages.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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