Why admins change? Change of admins create additional work or different expectations.
Changing shifts is a hectic period where admins from ending shift hand over projects to admins from starting shift. Each admin gets multiple projects. Our admins focus on communicating more complicated or risky projects since time for hand over is limited. To cover all projects our admins as well leave internal note for new admin on individual projects in admins platform view. This note contains everything important about project, its status, and comments about designers’ work. Additionally, new admins should review the last feedback file from previous admin when reviewing new submission. Despite that some information might get lost and new admin might ask for change that previous admin did not require. If admin asks about any change because guidelines, content, or client´s instructions are not fulfilled this change should be done. If it is bigger change previous admin did not point out, you can discuss adding additional time for this change. Otherwise, we ask our admins to not require any subjective design preference changes. We hope we will be able to improve this process for you in the future and minimize even more the changes from transition between admins.
We have received many good ideas from designers regarding this topic and we will work on improving this process and make the transition between admins as smooth as possible.
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