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Working with Think-Cell

What is Think-Cell and why do we use it?

Think-Cell is a presentation software that integrates with PowerPoint to help visualize complex data using charts. Some of our clients use think-cell to create and edit their charts. This software offers different options than MS charts and therefore our clients use Think-Cell because it allows them to work with charts faster and more efficiently. Think-Cell is mostly used for charts but also for other elements such as Harvey balls or Agendas/Table of content. You can find more information at the Think-cell webpage.

Do you need to have Think-Cell to be able to work for us?

No. Majority of our projects do not contain Think-Cell charts therefore it is not a requirement but having Think-Cell can increase number of projects you can apply for.

Can you become Think-Cell designer?

Since Think-Cell is a paid software we offer only limited amount of licenses to our designers. If you would like to become a Think-Cell designer feel free to contact us at We will consider giving you the Think-Cell license based on how many hours you work at our platform, your rating and Think-Cell skills/ willingness to learn to work with Think-Cell.
If you do not know how to work with Think-Cell yet, do not worry. If you are willing to learn you will definitely be considered See next section to lean more about how to work with Think-Cell.

Improve your Think-Cell skills or learn from scratch with us

Working with this software is not difficult at all and the majority of users consider it faster and easier than MS charts after they learn the basics. To help you with smooth training we have developed a PDF file linked here containing links to training videos and other helpful information. Going through all the videos and training with the actual Think-Cell afterwards should be sufficient enough for everyone to be able to work easily with Think-Cell.
Visit also our Think-cell training in this article.

Keep your profile updated about your Think-Cell availability

In order to get notifications about Think-Cell projects you need to keep your profile updated.

If you have your own Think-Cell license please toggle this setting in your profile on the platform.
If you have KM provided Think-Cell our admins will toggle KM provided Think-Cell for you. If admins would not do this please contact us at so we can update this setting.
If you do not have Think-Cell keep the field un-toggled so you do not get notifications about projects you are not able to work on.

Updated on: 24/11/2023

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