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Self-approval button

What is the self-approval button?

This is a functionality that allows designers to approve their own files without the admin´s final review. This button only becomes available to designers that have reached level 5 and have had the final "done" submission pending admin´s review for more than 15 minutes.
Files are NOT sent directly to clients by using this function. Admin will fully quality assure the file after the designer is self-approved. So designers should use this function only when they are really sure their files contain no mistakes and follow all the instructions and guidelines. Any mistakes in the file will be captured in the rating, so the designer carries full responsibility for the quality of the file.

Please communicate with admins before you will self approve your file. Admin should be always aware about this step and only if they would not respond for a longer time feel free to approve yourself.

Why do we offer this function to designers?

This function should serve our top designers who deliver high-quality files consistently with 0-2 minor mistakes to be able to self-approve themselves. Especially in cases when delivery is busy and admins´ reviews might take a bit longer than usual, this function allows designers to self-approve since they are sure their file is properly checked and meets our quality standards. So if they do not get feedback from admin within 15 minutes they get a chance to self-approve and move on with their day or take another project.

Important information to keep in mind before using the self-approve button:

The submission has to be marked as "done". You can read more about what "done" submission means in this article.
File has to be in PowerPoint format. We do not allow to self-approve screenshots or different formats of files, since our outputs should be always in PowerPoint.
Make sure to receive at least one sufficient WIP feedback from admin to make sure your work was checked at least partially. Self-approving without any admin´s feedback would be highly risky. Admin should always see the file at least once to be able to flag out if designer uses wrong template, slide frame or any other basic elements.
Your rating will be based on your submitted files, so make sure that everything is correct by using the designers' checklist before self-approving which you can find below.

Checklist before self-approval:

Re-check task description
Re-check client's and admin´s instructions
Check if all the guidelines are followed
Check slide alignments on each slide to work on
Check consistency across the slides (no jumpings of repeating elements throughout the slides, fx: title, subtitle, footer. slide number, heading, tracker,...)
Check overall consistency and alignments in presentation mode
Check all slides with the content checker and pay extra attention to the content checker report boxes
Check if all animations, speakers notes, client's PowerPoint comments are kept as per input
Make sure the correct file is submitted before hitting the self-approve button

For more information about what mistakes to avoid in your submission read here

Updated on: 10/02/2023

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